Steve Devereaux
Anyone out there use DealerSocket? Any thing you can tell me about them? Anything you can tell me as far as what you like or don't like about them would be great! Thanks ahead of time for anyone that can help!
Lindsey Auguste
One place to start is within the DrivingSales Vendor Ratings. You can find out information about many companies and products and what your dealer peers think about them. Here's the link to DealerSocket's page in particular. Hope that helps!
Steve Devereaux
I already checked out that vendor ratings. Thanks!
Eric Miltsch
@Steve, We use DS and we're happy with the service & especially the cost savings over R&R. The system has been been easy for our CCC to manage and use. I recommend being vigilant on any upfront needs & expectations regarding training - doing so with help ensure a smooth launch. Look up Hunter Swift as well, he's active here in DrivingSales & on twitter @HunterSwift - he can help you as well.
Bryan Armstrong
Loved their Service module, the sales side was cumbersome and hard to use for my Salespeople. Building a Marketing list and campaign was also time consuming. They are a solid Company, but not as innovative in attitude as some. It is my understanding that you use a CRM primarily for sold follow-up and teir limited user package would probably work for you. Everyone knows I am a huge Vinsolutions fan so I'll leave that out. :) I agree with Eric on this one though, it's about getting the proper training and USING whatever tool you choose. Nothing will magically fix your ills no more than buying a new nailgun will build your shed for you. Get with Hunter, he is a stand-up guy.
Steve Devereaux
@ Eric & Bryan - Thanks a lot. Do you have any experience with them in comparison to AutoBase or DealerPeak or any other companies for that matter. I agree that Vinsolutions has great products, BUT correct me if I'm wrong... They are EXTREMELY expensive compared to the other companies... What Auction Direct Dealership do you work for Eric? @ Bryan... We do plan on utilizing the entire CORE CRM (Sales floor and tracking)product, IF we go with them, as well as their new SOCIAL MARKETPLACE tool and there's a chance we might go with their Service marketing too)... So salespeople can use it to organize and work efficiently. You use DealerSocket's Service Marketing too... Is that their MoneyMaker product? When you are referring to their innovative attitude, do you mean that they are not coming out with products quickly enough. I'm just surprised because they are coming out with a Smart Phone App at the NADA convention and all of the other companies (except Vinsolutions) don't have one that I'm aware of. They also just came out with a follow up product (Social Markplace) that sends customers and e-mail with a survey after they purchase and if they mark a good survey it sends them a e-mail with a link to write a review on a review website. That to me, seems pretty progressive compared to the other companies and those are the kind of ideas that are attracting me to their company. Autobase seems to be a decent product, but also behind with the phone app and things. Does anyone have experience with any other companies at all that could give some incite to? @Bryan again - In your evaluations to DealerSocket... Are you comparing them strictly to your experience with VIN or do you have experience with other companies as well? Do you still utilize both companies? If so how much? Any experience with Autobase? Thanks.... Sorry I have so many questions... :/

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