DealerSocket or VinSolutions?

Ron Henson
Do you prefer DealerSocket or VinSolutions? Or, do you prefer another CRM provider all together? I welcome comments and debate from dealers and vendors.
Shawn Ryder
I am interested in the discussion as well! We at SimplyCast are currently developing a CRM and with that would be very interested in what dealers are looking for with a solution. If YOU could develop a CRM what key feature would you like included?
Christopher Murray
I have an excellent working knowledge of 4 CRM's and all of them have some excellent components and some "user friendly" attributes. It would be very difficult, for example, to switch a store off of Higher Gear and onto Dealer Socket and expect anything other than agony as everyone attempted to endure the change. You would have to survey the change a year or more after it took place to get a real comparison. I have found Vinsolutions to be the best all-around tool for our sales department. My sales staff have taken to the Vinsolutions program better than ay other tool we have brought into the dealership. They seem most fascinated and satisfied with the "set it and forget it" attributes in the program. The Daily Task section is used religiously by the sales staff and has been a great tool for the managers and the salespeople to work together, side by side, making follow up calls and developing strategies to get people back in the door. So far my best experience is with VinSolutions!
Christopher Murray
I would like a calendar, month at a glance, year at a glance, salesperson, to show long range activities, tasks, etc....
Shawn Ryder
Thanks Christopher, great feedback. In terms of calendar - do you want to see the events based on the sales person or based on the actual customer? What about being able to track how a lead interacts with a web site - so you can build a profile on their interests on vehicle model and in turn automate engagement based on that? Also, how important is lead scoring in the CRM as a way to measure where a lead is in the sales process?
Christopher Murray
The first item, calendars; both! It would be a great tool for training, coaching and planning.

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