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Matt Watson
Ok here is the problem that I see with desking software. Maybe you guys can provide some feedback on this. There are almost always at least 3 basic purchase options to present to a customer. 1. Manufacturer Financing + Rebates (ex 2.9% APR + $1,000 rebate) 2. All cash or Alternate Financing + Different Rebates (ex Standard APR + $3,000 rebate) 3. Lease These scenarios have different incentive based rebates & rates. As well as lease differences like government fees, taxes, no GAP, acquisition fees, security deposit, bank fees, etc. So it can be very difficult to EASILY prepare all 3 options in a software program and then present it in a good format to the customer. Not to mention different tiers of finance rates. :-) What I want to avoid is having the desk manager work up all 3 scenarios separately and print 3 different worksheets. Anyone seen this done effectively or have any feedback about this? Is this perhaps the holy grail?
Susan Michaels
ADP's Desking Product allows for 4 payment calc of which only 3 can be used at 1 time. Lease 1 Pay Lease Balloon Finance You can only choose 1 lease calc for an quote so that leaves 3 options: Lease Balloon Finance This system allows for a customized rebate section. So if you have a std retail w/2000 rebate Subvented rebate w/ no rebate Lease w/1000 rebate It would apply to the rebates to the appropriate program. Taxes/ sec dep/ aq fee all apply appropriately. as for fees: can only handle 1 defaulted set of fees. It can not seperate the different fees that might be charged for different payment types. I hope this helps
Jose Galvan
You can do all that with mDesking. Up to 35 Lease & Retail payments all in one worksheet. No to mention Rebates included in the deal. I hope this helps anyone looking for desking software.

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