Digital Marketing Manager KPI's

Ron Henson
What are the top 5 KPI's a Dealer should look at to evaluate the performance of a Digital Marketing Manager?
Brandon McNett
Great question, I don't have an answer - but will follow intently to see what everyone's opinion is!
Chris K Leslie
I'll start off by saying that if you are going to have a Digital Marketing Manager. Please remember that its pretty much impossible to pay someone who does marketing the same way you pay someone who does sales. They are not the same, they are not the same, they are not the same.... Ok now we got that out of the way. A lot of this will probably have to revolve around budget but this is how I see it. 1. Overall market impression share 2. Unique Reach 3. Actions 4. Leads 4. Lead Retention (not losing out leads)
Alex Lau
Greatly depends on how you choose to define KPIs, as there are PLENTY of external forces that aren't always dictated or controlled by a Digital Marketing Manager or Director. 1. Conversions (can be measured many ways), but your guy better have a grasp on all of them. 2. Reach 3. Interactions (varies depending on marketing medium) 4. Leads 5. Customer Retention
Michael Roemer
I agree with Alexander here that conversion rates are very important. There's often a ton of room in the middle of the funnel to optimize conversion rates (e.g. unique visitors to leads or unique visitors to engaged visitors).

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