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Ron Diepholz

We have just transitioned to Digital Menu Presentation in the Finance office and have had great success.  I am looking for a platform that will allow me to do something similar on the sales floor.  Utilizing a tablet to record interview questions, start the trade appraisal, select inventory and provide a proposal.  Anyone using such a system now? 

Martins Ville

Our sales people conduct the trade walk before showing anything. They scan drivers licence first, get phone and email - check for dupes in the system, then scan vin bar code or enter vin from trade, grab miles and hand the keys to UCM for appraisal. 

Martins Ville

All with Mobile version of the desktop CRM app.

Kevin Kulma


There are a few companies out there...probably NADA would be the best place to check out your options.   However one company I have heard before is Intellacar.


Ron Diepholz

Thanks for the direction Kevin.  I appreciate your help.

Mark Rask

We have done this for some time now and it works well 

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