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Randi DeSantis

With all the talk and dealerships being pushed by OEMs onto Digital Retailing platforms- I am interested in learning what people think about the vendor they use. We have only ever used Cox's Digital Retailing platform- and Accelerate. 


What does everyone else use? What are the pros and cons?

Allison Nygaard

@Randi - You may have already checked out our Vendor Rating page, but incase anyone else here is unaware, we have a great resource for reviews on different vendors! DrivingSales Digital Retailing Vendor Ratings

Dan Knoblock

Randi, I highly recommend DealerCarSearch. While CRM’s are about what the user is looking for it to do, and how well it is executed by the users, What you put in you get out. Cost is significant factor as well. DCS can handle CRM, website, reputation management, Facebook, Craigslist, texting and much more under a single log in. It may not do some complex things that some dealers look for but it is all back to basics. Highly recommend! Good luck!

Bart Wilson

@Dan, do they do Digital Retailing? I think that is Randi's question.


Dan Knoblock

Bart & Randi, Dealer Car Search does provide digital retailing in their suite.  While it is a little different than a Modal or Roadster, the consumer can take the transaction as far as they want to go.  All a consumer needs to do is hit the tab "Start My Deal".  It takes only 6 easy steps after they select a vehicle.  I apologize, when I commented to Randi, I was responding via my phone. I have been with DCS for two years now and the entire platform gets better and better.  In todays environment to find one vendor that is reasonably priced with one portal is great!

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