Direct Mail Dead or Alive?

kelly hazlehurst
I have always had a mixed relationship with Direct Mail. The best strategy I have found is to rotate different companies each quarter so that the list stays as fresh as possible. What direct mail companies do you use?
Larry Craig
I sent you a direct message
Ron Morrison
Kelly you're not alone. It's why I wrote a blog on "Do you Direct Fail." Many dealers have reached out to me expressing their appreciation for it because while vendors are important there are many other elements that contribute to the success and/or failure of your direct mail campaigns. Here's the blog link, hopefully you'll find it helpful.
Frank Piechota
Direct mail is not completely dead, but it definitely has lost its effectiveness. It still has a valuable place in a dealers marketing mix. Using mail on top of Digital, Mobile, and TV is a great way to increase effectiveness. In some cases, receiving a direct mail unit can leave a longer lasting impression.
Antonio Denny
Direct mail can’t be said as completely out, as there are a lot of industries still depend on direct mail marketing as their first preference. Direct mail marketing is an ideal choice for services that target locals for their business. I also preferred for the same for my spare parts shop in Toronto, which were organized by a direct mail marketing services company called Troi Mailing Services( )and it did earn many customers for me. So I won’t completely say that direct mail marketing is not completely dead.
Brian DeGraf
I have the unique ability to see the effectiveness of direct mail every week and I definitely do see the value of direct mail. My company is contracted with Wal-Mart and we are the company tasked with booking dealership's off-site sales at Wal-Mart. Each dealer that we schedule is required to supply us with a sample of their direct mail piece prior to their event so that we can check for compliance. Most all dealers use direct mail for their off-site sales but I have seen a few that rely on web, tv, radio alone and more often than not their events are NOT a great success. There are many strategies that I see dealers using and almost all of them include direct mail, and 90+% of them have great success and continually book more events with us at Wal-Mart.

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