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Russ Chandler
We are set for several direct mailer campaigns of 15k-20k mailers per week. These campaigns will be set apart by a couple weeks and rotated between two of my locations. The company we are using is utilizing the internet to hook people with trade-appraisals, pre approval's, and getting registered for prizes. Currently they are taking the approach of keeping our website and other online marketing completely separate. The backbone to taking this approach is the fact that the mailer consist of large coupon discounts and the trade-in appraisals online to hook people into coming in to the dealership. My guess is that customers are still going to find there way to our website, being well known in the area, when they come online to the mailers space(which is a microsite created by the mailer company. I wanted to get some opinions or other possible options from anyone experienced with using mailers when the rest of your marketing is so heavy online. Is it right to keep the marketing completely non-integrated with the rest of our marketing? Does anyone have a mailer that maybe utilizes the website in an efficient manor without sacrificing the foot traffic produced from direct mail sales? The mailer company utilizes kiosk's to claim prizes and capture customer information which is sold as an extra benefit to the mailer. We are currently creating 6 landing pages a month and using them on our blog as well as completely set up socially. I guess it seems that there would be a mailer that we can put together that would use our current resources online to produce just as much traffic in the show room AND produce some equal results online. Capturing information should be fairly simple by having people register online and set are own incentives that coincide with our current online offers. What do you guys think? Russ Chandler 260-435-1824
Russell Grant
Bart, Thanks for your comments. I would be more than happy to discuss this with you. Please give me a call at 407.616.6898 to discuss. Russell Grant J&L Marketing
Brady Irvine
Are the offers the mailer company is making to hook the leads consistent with the image of your dealership? By that I mean are they offering value or does it look like a creepy online "click here to claim your prize" pop up? If they aren't offering anything that the potential customer would consider valuable then you probably shouldn't tie it in with your own online efforts. If you are looking to generate your own leads for a direct mail, offer something of value to your prospects in exchange for their contact info. (Maybe a guide to getting the most for your trade, or the truth about leasing vs financing...) As far as the actual direct mail goes, you should start small and test the results each piece is getting. There is no sense sending out crap that's getting ignored. If you haven't already seen it, check out this article for more info on using direct mail in your dealership.
Ryan Deemer
Russ, Creating separate campaigns with your direct mail is actually a good idea. Some of my clients in the past have insisted that we include the dealership logo or website in the mailer only to have a drastically reduced response rate. Consumers have preconceived notions about specific car brands and if your dealership represents a "lesser brand" (consumers view of the brand) the mailer will be discarded without any thought. By having a separate call to action, IE. guaranteed credit, higher trade value, or a prize, consumers will not base their decision to respond on the vehicle brand, but how they can benefit from the offer. This will allow you the opportunity to educate them on your brand(s) or sell them a used car of their choice. Hope this helps, Ryan Deemer Director of Sales Direct Credit Marketing
Brady Irvine
Great point.
Craig Waikem
I have had very poor luck with directing direct mail customers to a website. We have a lot of success with direct mail, but by far, it's always walk ins and phone calls. Very little luck with getting them to a website. I have tried several microsites such as,,, and when I track the analytics, it doesn't justify the microsite. Just my experience. GOODLUCK!

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