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Brad Wise

We are in a 80 % lease market so our customers are back in market sooner than most . The problem is a lot of our mail goes out to customers who no longer own the car that we have on record in our DMS  . We waste money and ROI due to this problem . Any help solving this ?

Troy Campbell

Hey Brad. Just saw your post while waiting for my kids to wake up for Christmas! I can clean up your existing ownership records (At No Cost to your dealership. The last 9 dealers we did this for had 18% plus incorrect ownership records). Ongoing we also offer alerting you the day any of your past sold customers either post as a private seller or the day your past customers vehicle you sold them shows up online at a competing dealership. If dealers don't want the daily past customer monitoring alerts then we will update your CRM's for free once every 12 months. Also as to the private sellers (fisbo's) I show from our data there are over 6,000 current private sellers online (from about 100k current fisbo listings) that bought that vehicle they posted fisbo previously at a dealership.

Mark Rask

That is interesting Troy 

Troy Campbell

@Mark would you like us to clean your CRM/DMS ownership records? I just ran Brad's (the dealer that posted this thread) against our 2016 online dealer data base and it looks like about 100 customers did not return to Brad's dealership in 2016 as the past customers cars showed up in 2016 at a competing dealership after Brad's dealership sold the vehicle previously. These change in ownership records need to be updated in their CRM (also perhaps calling on those lost customers may reveal what is not working for your dealerships equity mining efforts). We can also alert the dealer in real time as to their past customers online activity relating to the vehicle they bought from you. I didn't run Brad's inventory against what I have for 2013, 2014 and 2015 which will result in more ownership change records. As I mentioned before we will clean all dealers CRM's / DMs at no charge. This CRM ownership record cleaning is free for all dealers that mention they saw this on Drivingsales.

@Brad would you like me to email you the customers you lost for 2016 to competitors for your review?

Brad Wise

Thanks Troy - please send me the lost customer list - thank you

Troy Campbell

@Brad. Sure. Emailing it to you in a few with the lost customer list for 2016. It will also include the dealers you lost the past customer vehicle too.

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