Direct Mail/Staffed Events VS Digital

Corey "The Mailman" Lassiter
I see a lot of dealerships are starting to go digital and move away from direct mail and staffed events. Which one do you use and which do you think is better and why? Where do you see your best ROI?
Chris K Leslie
Now thats a loaded question if i've ever seen one.
Evan Brown
Lol Chris..
Clint Jones
That question is FULLY LOADED! Direct mail and staffed events are a horrible Return On Investment in terms of % of Gross Profit. They can certainly bring in a lot of income, but the percentages aren't very good.I believe that the biggest reason we are seeing dealerships moving away from Direct Mail and the Traveling Circus has nothing to do with them "migrating" to digital. These dealers were already doing digital. This is the excuse that these dealers are giving the Staffed Event companies that want to come back and do more sales.Staffed Events are losing traction because they don't work nearly as well as they once did. Markets that have been heavily saturated with these type of events have basically desensitized the customers. The $25,000 in direct mail all go straight into the trash because the customers have received hundreds of them and know that they are all just a scam anyway. Now, there are certainly a few really good Staffed Event companies out there and I don't want anyone to think that I am casting a net over the entire industry. With that said, I think we all know that there are some real slime bag companies out there as well.
Lindsay Kwaselow
I agree with Clint. Digital absolutely has the best ROI. Think about your marketing in terms of a funnel. Traditional is at the top, followed by direct mail, then digital, then your SRPs (Search Results Pages) and finally the VDP (Vehicle Details Page) at the bottom. Your VDP is the holy grail with so much evidence proving the correlation between VDP views and units sold. Digital will have a much high ROI because if done right, it will drive high-probability buyers to your site and most importantly to your VDPs.
mark rask
I agree with Clint.......however we do use a mix of both.....we do a few mailers per year

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