Director of First Impressions

Chris K Leslie

Should dealers consider creating their own version of a “Director of First Impressions” role?

Billie Van Cleve

Absolutely! I think the first person a customer sees and that comfort they get with them by welcoming them is SOOO important. I kind of really like this. I am on my churches Dream Team and my role is part of being on a b"First Impressions" team. The welcome they get is comforting and to be honest, when you walk into a dealership, you do not want to be bombarded by another Sales Consultant (even though they're being just as kind, we hope). I think a more helpful face (Someone different to get you in the right direction) especially after likely being approached outside by a Sales Consultant is ideal. I am not knocking on the Sales Consultants, just saying that another face "A person to speak for the customer that isn't sales related".

Some dealerships I work with have a dedicated greeter as part of their concierge service. Customers love this, and I know I certainly do when I visit lol. However, I would recommend against titles like "Director" or "Manager" for a position unless you're going to empower that individual and allow them to take charge of their role.

@Billie, as a salesperson I totally agree.... having another person to welcome your customer just makes them more comfortable and willing to follow a process. This is where "EMI" comes in now with a typical sales process like what I follow. 

@Sunny, Couldn't agree more... personally, I would love this role in my dealership, but don't give me a title that doesn't empower me to actually help the customer and take control of situations when they present themselves! 

Elle Amadeus

I really hope this is means a dealership has a "Good Problem To Have."

As in 500+ new/used retail cars per month, 800+ cars in stock and 50++ staff where certain days can look and feel like a zoo and it's probably prudent for a dealership to have someone manage the messiness that may result.

I work in the New York Tri State area with several dealers who do 500++ new and used cars on a slow month and not a single one has a Director of First Impressions.


Moe Bakhtiari

Chris this is a beautiful and smart post.

I absolutely love the idea! More importantly, it brings to light the importance of the first impression. You only have one chance ever to make a good first impression!

Vitally important and something to always be cognizant of!

Happy Selling


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