Do sales people hate CRM tools?

Gary Sanders
So my sister’s is an alcoholic. What does this have to do with a better dealership process? Here’s the story. My sister’s last 90 days has included a 16 day stay in detox and then a (family helped) court ordered 30 day stay in rehab facility. So she gets out and 72 hours later she hits a relapse and says she is not ready to change. We (family) were all disappointment but in my sister’s defense, we where the one’s dumb enough to think she could change. She HATED the 46 days away from her daughter, friends and family. Why? She was not ready to change and was forced to go to rehab. I believe she will one day change and get better, but when she is ready and wants to. So here’s my point. Do sales people hate CRM tools because they feel like they have to use them? Shouldn’t they feel like they want to use them? Internet Teams rely on CRM tools because (like Vegas ads) you have to keep your name in front of people. One reason sales people may feel CRM tools are such a nuisance is (Gary May RT @imacsweb) “Opportunity is missed by most people because it comes dressed in overalls and looks like work." --Thomas Edison. So dress your computer and CRM up in overalls and get to work!!!
Michael Migliorini
I used to view our CRM tool as a burden. It was something I had to do before I got to go home. But the managers kept selling the benefits of good follow up and now I have no problem making my calls. I have sold some previous customers because of consistent follow up. It also helps with split deals because our dealership uses my follow up record in the CRM to judge if I'm on a deal. Its in my best interest to make the calls and complete my daily tasks.
kumar shan
For me this is the most concerning issue which every field sales person faces. An alternative for this would be an application that lets them enter order details on the go. Here I’d like to refer a sales tool that relieves sale people of their CRM duties. Named @ this app lets sales person to directly place an order which is sent to the stock unit for immediate delivery. Both the speed of delivery and reduction of data entry work are avoided. There is this topic on why sales people hate crm on quora forum( You can find some interesting discussions and suggestions for overcoming those issues.

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