Do You Accept Payment over the Phone?

Derrick Woolfson

Do you allow the customer to pay their RO over the phone? This is not something we do, the customer has to sign a credit form. 

Good question, Derrick. I've worked at dealerships that were all about simplifying the process, catering to whatever was most convenient for the customer. At these dealerships, we were able to take payments over the phone under a certain amount. This could be for anything from paying for service to putting down a security deposit. However, they would have to have a signed form on file that gave us permission to charge their card prior to the transaction.

At my current dealership, we don't take payments over the phone.

Derrick Woolfson

@Sunny, that was the same process at my last dealership. Many customers found it to be convenient. But sadly, there are a lot of customers who evidently will use their charge card, and then say that they did not authorize the charge. But I do like the idea of limiting the amount and still requesting the charge slip. Then again, if we allowed payments online sending the customer a digital invoice it could work, no? 

R. J. James

Derrick... With Amazon changing and resetting Customer Expectation, this is a very good topic for discussion and an opportunity to revisit / reexamine the dealership's policies on Over-the-Phone Payments".

Derrick Woolfson

@R.J. - this article got my gears spinning -> - so not only are customers not signing R.O.'s but as we are discussing, there could also then be the potential for credit card fraud. I am going to write an article on it! 

Mark Rask

for service yes

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