Do you count bad leads?

Christopher Murray
Honestly Matt I keep them in the count for the obvious reasons. If I leave them in then I do not have to have any "rules" to determine what is and what is not legitimate. In the grand scheme of things, on paper anyway, I will have a lower closing percentage than those that do not count them but it is all relative isn't it?
Shannon Hammons
I agree with Christopher. It takes out the ability for the internet sales guys to be a to make their numbers look better ny claiming bad leads. Brings in to many "rules" or "excuses"
Christopher Murray
Shannon, well put! It is easier to just take the total number of leads, errors, duplicates, etc... and divide them into your total sales because, it stands to reason; the same percentage of "bad" leads will occur every month so why "massage" the numbers?
Matt Watson
Great responses, thanks guys! Christopher, I agree that it's relative - in fact I was just finding a baseline for a pay plan because I'm more interested in growth than a single number.
Marc McGurren
Christopher has some great points, but I do believe in removing bad leads from lead count. The key to this is having hard rules. For example, bad phone number/email = bad lead. Duplicate lead within a certain time frame - one of those leads are "bad". If you purchase 3rd party leads from different vendors and you receive the exact same lead = bad lead. Christopher make a great point that there will in fact be a certain number of "bad leads" every month, the numbers will be equivalent month in and month out. Regardless of what you do, stick to it to make sure you get consistent true statistics month and month out.
James Klaus
Marc makes a great point as long as you stick to it. Just make it the same every month and your numbers will then be accurate.

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