Do you do anything fantastic for your customer's birthday?

Robert Karbaum
Today, is my birthday. But that's not important. What is important is the plethora of birthday greetings I have received from companies via email. So far, I have received: - A complimentary drink from Starbucks for being a member of their rewards program - A photo of a Katy Perry holding a birthday cake from the local radio station. - A birthday postcard from my dentist - Special birthday booking rates from Aria Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas I expect to get more throughout the day, but the question I ask is: What do you do for your customer's birthdays? Is anyone doing anything fantastic? Free oil changes? Service Vouchers? etc? Love to hear what the community is doing.
Grant Gooley
It's a good point Robert! We have a few dealers that wish their customers on a personal level with a letter, hand signed, wishing a happy birthday. I love the idea of a free detail or something along those lines. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BUDDY!
Robert Karbaum
Thanks Gooles. I made sure to go to Starbucks to get my free drink, then spent another $8 in the process. I think that is called win/win. I would love to hear of someone having great success with a birthday promotion. Anyone giving say $1,000 off a car? That would be a very interesting experiment.
Rikki Tachman
Robert, Happy Birthday! I hope your day was amazing. I completely agree, I think it's a great idea to have something special for our customers. Other places do it so why shouldn't we.
Robert Karbaum
Thanks Rikki! I also got a coupon from my favourite pizza place for a free dessert. Guess where I had my birthday dinner?
Michael Crain
I call them. Send them and email. Send them a card. When they start sending me something for my birthday I will send them something. lol

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