Do you encourage your sales team to use social media?

Ron Henson
What is your policy on using social media while at work?
Lauren Moses
I have tried pushing our salesmen to use facebook to their advantage. One flat out refuses to even have a facebook and the other two are older and don't really have a great grasp on it. I myself use it since I run our facebook page. But we also have two local groups that are nothing but vehicles for sale, personal and dealerships, where people can post to purchase or post to sell. It has worked out fairly well and they have started to ask about where I'm getting all of the facebook leads. If you don't have a vehicle group on facebook around you, I suggest making one and inviting as many people as you can. Ours has been up for less than 2 months and has over 9,000 members.
Dustin Lyons
Interesting question Ron, I love it! Where I sold we went back and forth with the Facebook and other social media ban until management finally realized that it can truly be a powerful tool for networking and prospecting and driving sales (not to be confused with DrivingSales). I have visited quite a few dealerships in the last several months and I am surprised at how many still ban social media at work. I think the fear is that people will just sit around and play games on Facebook or something like that, but the reality is the ones with a good work ethic will do their job and work hard regardless, and the ones who would be the time wasting culprits are just going to find another way to not be productive. There is always Angry Birds (or whatever the kids are playing these days) on their smart phone, taking long lunch breaks, flirting with receptionists, computer solitaire, fantasy football, and of course the all important task of keeping the seat on the golf cart warm.
Lauren Moses
Dustin, It's true that the lazy will be lazy and the hard workers get bigger checks. And you forgot about deciding what's for lunch.
Dustin Lyons
Haha Lauren, how could I have left that out?!
Vincent R
My managers highly encourage us to take pictures after each sale. We then post the pictures on our page and tag ourselves.

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