Do you have a process for orphan owners?

Ron Henson
Does your dealership have a defined process or policy on assigning orphan owners when a sales consultant leaves?
mark rask
Yes. In the past we have divided them among all of the sales people. We have recently decided that we only give leads out to people that have been with us for some time. That way we don't constantly reassign the customer due to turnover of the newer employees
Kevin Janz
I just recently set up a letter that gets printed or sent via email to any orphan owners. The guest gets reassigned (round robin) and the letter id printed with that person's info 2 days after (so there is time to move them around)" Dear ~First Name~ I wanted to reach out to you to make sure that all of your questions and needs have been answered. I mainly want to make sure of this because the sales representative that you were working with is no longer part of our sales team. We often find that in this transition some information is lost or forgotten. With this in mind, I would like to introduce myself and provide you with my contact information. Please do not hesitate to contact me as I would be grateful to assist you in your current and future business with us here at Rhinelander GM and Toyota. Thank you for your time and interest in our dealership. Have a wonderful day!Regards, ~Sales Person~" This is just an idea, but I have found at previous locations that if you follow up with these guests you will most likely see them the next time they are in the market.
Keith Wilkerson
We did have an Orphan Owner process in place, but the new CRM doesn't do well with orphan re-assignment at all. Yet another reason to miss the old CRM.
Christopher Murray
The Orphan Process is one of the most lucrative endeavors a MANAGER can undertake! Let's dispense with the idea that salespeople should be in charge of this. Let's also dispense with the idea that the customer even remotely cares about who is re-assigned to work with them, etc... they do not care in the least.The key is to identify exactly what they are driving, if it s serviced at the dealership and how many miles were on it last time it was serviced. In fact if you have access to the service records you can easily calculate their driving habits and be very accurate at projecting their current miles. All of this will be worked into a letter:Dear________,My name is Chris Murray, General Manager at ABC Ford where you purchased your 2010 Ford Explorer XLT. The purpose of this letter is two fold; to thank you for your continued loyalty with our service department and to offer you cash for your Explorer!Our Used Car Department relies heavily on trade-in's from other loyal customers like yourselves. Unfortunately, at this time of year, our trade-in's are not enough to fill our inventory. I can go to auction and buy all of the vehicles I need but, you and I both know, that auction vehicles have no local history, no maintenance record and are nowhere near as valuable as your vehicle.If you are at all interested in at least listening to my offer please answer our call and we will schedule a brief appointment to give you a cash or trade offer on the Explorer. If you do not want to wait then just call me directly at 607.222.6852.My Best Regards,Chris MurrayGeneral ManagerABC Ford Inc.Send out five to 10 of these letters every business day and THEN assign the follow up to a salesperson but only AFTER you give them a script to make the call with.That is the most successful method I have ever used on Orphan Owners bar none!

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