Do you have uniforms?

Tommy Bay
Heather - I didn't read your article, but I think your question is really interesting. How many dealerships out there have a dress code or uniform and how do they think that affects the store's brand / culture? Maybe we should get DrivingSales uniforms... If Jared gets to pick, it'll be Harley Davidson teeshirts and shell-toe Adidas. ;)
Heather Brautman
When I worked @Ford, it was suits and ties (all the more perfect to cut those ties for the first-sale-newbies -- does everyone still do that?). As part of management, I dressed up too. I have to wonder if the whole business suit made sales people seem less accessible to the folks who often came shopping in cut-off jeans, flip flops, ripped sweats, etc. Harley stuff would have been cool! :-)

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