Do you "like" yourself?

Eric Miltsch
Ron - excellent question. From our perspective, I typically like "our" content - even though I may post most of it. The reason? Very simple, the action of liking the content is seen within the sidebar and the river and gives it extra organic exposure without having to sponsor every post. As for personal content, I see no benefit and don't do it. What do others think?
Larry Schlagheck
I agree Eric. When I see an individual post content and then "like" it immediately it appears as though they're grasping for attention or are desperate for one reason or another.
Shannon Hammons
I agree with Eric. I usually wait a day to like the content. That way it comes back into the news feed
Stan Sher
It varies I have pressed the "like" buttons years after something is posted as I did recently on Facebook with pictures. If I feel that something is important or hot to read that I want people to see it I will "like" it right away. Sometimes liking your own contact can be a sign of arrogance in the eyes of some people. Opinions vary.
Ryan Leslie
Bad form in my opinion, you should always agree with what you post... If you didn't like it, you shouldn't have posted it.
Ron Henson
I tend to agree with Ryan. "Liking" your own post comes off as "Hey, look at me." If the content is good others will "like" it.

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