Do you prefer quality or quantity?

Russ Chandler
What are your thoughts on quality vs quantity traffic and why? I know in a perfect world you would have the optimal mix but obviously that's harder said then done. I see a lot of dealers pass on quantity time after time, even when the cost per sale is significantly lower. Are the sales reps the one influencing this decision? Is there a lack of conversion or just no effort in making use of the unsold list after a campaign? Is there enough ways to generate quality traffic that there is no value in campaigning for quantity? What are the pros and cons to each? With all of the technology available today, it is much easier to stay connected with a customer once you've got their information, giving you many opportunities for revenue. Are there particularly good technologies anyone is using out there to assist in converting that "quantity" traffic? What is your strategy for making use of all the tire kickers and lot lizards? Don't they buy and service cars too?
Robert Karbaum
I would argue quantity, as the quality is mainly determined by the conversion optimization on your website.
Russ Chandler
Thanks for the comment Robert. What do you think about foot traffic in your showroom?
Robert Karbaum
Same. More traffic the better. Now obviously I'm not talking "Free Hot Dog" traffic.
Russ Chandler
Agreed. Being there are so many dealers out there that do giveaways or use incentives, how do you draw the line between "come get your free hotdog" advertising vs "come check out our big sale and get a free hotdog while your here"? Any rule of thumb or advice?
Robert Karbaum
Highly personalized and segmented marketing instead of "Big Sale this weekend! Free Hot Dogs!"

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