Do you think it's possible... 40hr work week = 20+/mo average?

Jonathan Dawson
I am beginning to think that the long schedules of Bell to Bell and 6 (or even 7 day work weeks) are limiting and not creating the overall production. I had a conversation with two different 20+ salespeople recently that got me seriously thinking about this issue; #1 A salesperson who said, "I'm not a twenty car guy, I'm a 10 car guy working twice as much and twice as hard as everyone else!" #2 A salesperson who said, "I love this business, I just took 2 weeks off and still sold my normal 22 cars last month." What do you think? If we limited the schedules to 4, 10hr days and made them take 3 days off per week, would our people find a way to create the same production level as they do knowing they are "free" to work 60+ hours? Anyone doing this as a culture or dealership right now?
Lauren Moses
Jonathan, I think this can go both ways. It all depends on the dealership and the sales rep themselves. They have to have the drive to WANT to be a 20+/mo average sales rep. Otherwise it's all for nothing. But, think about those that do work the shorter hours and still make 20+. How many would they do if they worked more?
Jonathan Dawson
Lauren, I hear you on the drive factor. My theory would say that if you are a 12 car average working 60hr weeks and I limit you to 40hrs, you would still produce 12. So even eliminating the factor of them "wanting more", my contention is the law of diminishing returns. At some point giving them more hours to work doesn't necessarily produce any more work. I'm curious if anyone has demonstrated that as a store policy?
Lauren Moses
I am curious as well. I think that it is a great idea though I would do more 8 hour days with the weekend off instead of 4 10 hour days. They are just too long and by the end of the day you are so drained your just ready to get out the door. If you did 5- 8 hr. days you could set up a rotation depending on how many sales staff you had. Everyone gets 2 days off in a row during the week and they rotate so not one person is getting weekends off every time. Would you also argue that anyone doing say 25+ should be able to set their own schedule so long as they keep meeting that goal?
mark rask
I agree with lauren
Jonathan Dawson
I agree, 25+ with a minimum of 20 being self-generated through repeat, referral, or prospecting... sets own schedule

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