Do you use 3rd party lead providers?

Short and sweet after spending 100s of thousands of dollars on TPL's leads here is my latest thinking. If they do not put eyes on your VDP's or Vin's do not waste you company's money.
David Hatch
The Only ones making money from the Third Pary Leads are the Lead Provider
Stan Sher
It really depends on a few factors. If you are in a small market and you just cannot get enough first party leads but want to maximize opportunity it is very important to get third party leads. Bruce and David I agree with in some situations. However, it is important to diversify your leads. A mix of third party leads can be a good thing too.
Matt Danskin
The answer is simple. How much are the leads costing me per car sold? If you don't know, you are flying blind. There are some great TPL vendors out there (I work for one) but you need to be able to understand where your sales are coming from and then hold all of your lead vendors accountable to prove their value (cost per lead vs closing ratio)
Shawn Brady
While I tend to side with the majority here, I do believe that some TPLs can still be helpful. When I look at our leads, I see dups frequently (obviously we get either credit or a replacement lead), but there are still a few gaps that the right TPLP can fill. I tried a couple of recommended providers over a 3 month period when each had "deals" going on. I measured everything...profits, expenses closing ratios...etc. and choose the one that performed the best. Trying to TPLs down to about 20% of total leads.

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