Do you use automated appointment confirmation software?

Jeffrey Byrge
I have a lot of thoughts on this but not a lot of time. I am not in favor of using this software, as it is more about the company than the customer. It is annoying for customers, in many cases. For some, I would allow it to be a necesarry evil. That still doesn't change the fact that it is "evil" imo.
Katie Colihan
Thanks, Jeffrey. We're in the testing phase of the software and so far, so good. But then again, aren't all things out of the gate? I feel like it saves man power, but at what expense? That of quality customers who love our locally based call center? Still on the fence, but appreciate your input!
Matt Lowery
We use an automated system to confirm service appts. We do sales manually. We get far more complaints about the automated system than about the live calls. So much so, we are working on switching over to all live calls within the next month or so. It's bad enough you are disturbing the customer when they have other things going on, but to do it with a machine really irks a lot of people.
Katie Colihan
Thanks for the feedback, Matt. I'm finding much of the same and our demographic happens to be people who might not necessarily understand that they have to interact with the "human machine"-- and why should they? Still taking on the rest of the month test run but it seems to be more work than its worth.
Casey Copeland
I think coming changes by the FCC on October 16th might take the decision from us anyways.
Katie Colihan
When we script people, we do let them know that they may get a confirmation call, so this is really helpful. Thanks, Rebecca! Lots to read for me.

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