Does anyone have experience with digital signage displays for appointments?

I'm curious if anyone has any suggestions on vendors/hardware/software/solutions for a digital appointment/welcome board that is customer facing as well as one that is staff facing. We use CM if that helps although I'm not opposed to something that is not CRM integrated. If anybody has pictures that would also be really helpful as well.
Steve Tuschen
Reynolds has one I saw at the tour of there facility. I have heard of TVPOS being very flexible but I don't have personal use of it.
Micah Lakics
I also had considered using an appointment/service board as well. I would love to hear implementer's pros/cons/experiences as well!
@Steve--> Reynolds doesn't seem to have any idea about an integrated solution or for that matter anything that addresses this at all. Are you using new CM? @ Chris--> $800 a month is insane. I know a budget approach can be achieved with a Chromecast type setup/Google Sheets, that general idea...but I'm really looking for a customer facing solution that's a bit more polished than an Excel type spreadsheet. A Google Doc/would be fine for me for staff facing though. Raspberry is quoting $109.99 (onetime charge) and software @$50 / month / device. They can push sales related promotional messages as well but they don't seem to have examples of appointment solutions, their examples seem to be service. I need to look into that further.There's also a company called TVPOS -- but it seems they also cater heavily to service drive. I wish someone would just market something like this geared towards BDC. Maybe I just haven't found them yet. The search continues. Here's to Saturday!
Ashley Mabery
I have used this with great results. Ours came for free from our CRM company DealerSocket. The only cost was the Computer monitor. Our receptionist logged in and opened it up in the morning.
Micah Lakics
@Chris - Can you post (or msg me) some pictures of your display with example screens/docs? I like the idea of finally forcing myself to learn the Raspberry Pi system.

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