Does the world still need car dealers?

Jason Hamblin
Seeing that most people do not want to spend 4 hours completing paperwork at a dealership I can see companies that evolve to solve problems related to the dreaded car buying process. Here is a company that will send you a vehicle to your home to test drive. Would you value this service? Cars are delivered for a flat fee of $19 a piece, and customers can have up to two delivered at a time. That gives them the ability to evaluate similar models of cars without having to visit multiple show rooms. Once the test drive is over, Tred’s Auto Experts leave users with a packet of resources to help walk them through the purchasing process. "The idea is to not only make the process of evaluating cars more convenient and transparent, but to drastically reduce the cost and time associated with purchasing one. Customers spend an average of 11.5 hours shopping for cars at dealerships, according to Polk/Autotrader. And once they have made a decision, they typically spend more than 4 hours going through the process and paperwork of evaluating features and financing options before taking a car home"
Will McGinnis
Yes, the world needs Car Dealers. If anything, to continue to keep the money local and in the community. However, our industry needs to continue to evolve. Consumers have changed our business... whether it's for the better or not is up for discussion but irrelevant as there is no stopping it. It's up to the dealer to decide whether they want to adapt a model to make their customer's life easier or to continue doing the same thing they've been doing for the last 5-10 years. (hint: it's the former)

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