does your CRM host your email?

Shawn Morse
Are you happy with your current email setup within your CRM? Are you confident that your transactional and/or marketing emails are getting delivered to your customers? What are some of the ways that you are able to monitor this and make changes? Are you using your own domain, one provided by your vendor, or is your vendor masking? It seems that delivering email is a common problem in the automotive CRM space and I am hoping some of the great minds here can share some ideas on what has worked for them in the past and ideas on what to do in the future.
mark rask
we have our normal campaigns that come out of dealer socket.....e mail blasts are done by our digital marketing vendor from the server that they use
Olivia Milton
Hi, it is a basic requirement for CRM today to provide email integration. For instance, bpm'online CRM allows you to manage email from all your email boxes in a single unified environment - each email can be linked to the relevant account, opportunity, order or other related object. Integration with MS Exchange and Google enable you to merge all of your email boxes and keep track of the correspondence in bpm’online sales. Hope that helps!
Andrew Sierra
Our CRM does not host our email however our email is attached to our CRM and we are able to build our database that way and our website is also tied into the CRM and generates newsletter lists for us to send out
Jesse Peterson
Same as Mark. Vendor uses Dealer Socket to generate lists and send email out of their system
James Altemus
We were just having this conversation this morning. We've recently come to the realization that, despite the specific product we were told by our CRM provider that we needed to have in order for our e-mails to be sent by "white listed servers" and to comply with CAN-SPAM, our e-mails (individual responses and campaigns) are often ending up in junk mail folders or simply not being delivered. Conversely, our CRM assigned e-mail addressed attached to these message often get kicked back to customers as undeliverable. Needless to say, I'll be spending time at DD19 looking at CRM and e-mail providers.

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