Does your dealership charge for training?

Colin Thomas

I just read an article about a dealership who charges employees for training and referenced that it's "commonplace in the industry". Are any of you doing this?

Chris K Leslie

I couldn't imagine anyone charging for on the job training. That doesn't make any sense to me at all. 

Does it say why they do it and what, if any are the benefits are of charging for training? 

Colin Thomas
Chris K Leslie

hahah the name alone would make me think twice.. Worldwide Consulting Services.. haha 


Prestige Worldwide!!


Kristen Tepper


But wowzers, these seems so anti-climatic, it hurts. When you hire an employee, you want to hire them into a culture that is focused on their success and growth which in turns helps the company succeed. Not hitting their pockets for training that should be provided for them to succeed!

It reminds me of dealers who want their salespeople to ask and get more referrals but force the salesperson to pay the referral reward amount out of pocket, completely de-motivating to them. They'd rather just wait for a deal to hopefully walk in then have to reach into their pocket.

Jared Hamilton

A common practice that I have heard of is to have a 3rd party trainer come the dealership and recruit heavily to fill the class with potential new hires.  Each new hire pays their own training fee of $695 or so and everyone is guaranteed an interview at the dealership.  Any employee that finishes the training, and is hired by the store, is reimbursed by the dealership for the training.  Trainees that dont get hired by the dealership are set up with interviews at other stores.

I tried this model a few times over 10 years ago, and while there are some benifits, I dont like it.  Its nice that employees get training, and that the employer gets to see that employees are comitted to getting a job enough that they will invest in their own training.  That said, as a dealer today a competitive advantage we have is the amount and type of training we can provide to our employees, along with the growth opportunities we provide.  I think its far better as a dealer to be responsible to take ownership for the long term success of your people, rather than force them to pay for trianing as a 1 time event and check a box (which too often, but not always, is done).

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