Don't Be the Buddy Manager

Derrick Woolfson

DSES 2019 was nothing short of amazing, it always is - one of the keynotes Clint Pulver - whose book is "I Love It Here" - talked about different management styles, and how they can impact your organization. The idea that instead of looking at employees through the lens of a generation, look at your employees as people. One of the management types that seem to be on the forefront on the dealer level is the "Buddy Manager." The one that has high expectations, but can create a sense of entitlement amongst their employees. 

That Buddy Manager can in some cases be the manager who was promoted to a sales manager as they were one of the top-performing sales consultants. But as we know, that just because they were a great sales consultant does not mean they have what it takes to be a great leader. 

If you haven't already, be sure to check Clint's book out! Highly recommend it. 

What type of manager are you? 

Bart Wilson


I'm glad you enjoyed Clint's presentation.  It was really enlightening to hear him talk about the damage a Buddy Manager can cause.

Martins Ville

Kind of like buddy Dad's...

Bart Wilson

Good call.

There is definitely a mix of connection and accountability that must happen.  I feel like the managers think they need to build connections with employees and that happens at the expense of accountability.

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, his book is equally as engaging! Beyond the style of management, we need to embody - the elephant in the room seems to remain. In that, how can we encompass this new way of managing when it seems that our infrastructure as an industry is extremely rigid and uncompromising to this new age of management? 

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