Dress Code

Ron Henson
Do you feel that your dealership's dress code has an impact on customer experience?
Randi DeSantis
I think it helps customers know who works here. Although, I think dress codes are hard. Being the person that orders our logo apparel... I am always struggling to get everyone dressed professionally. Men are easier than women- but not because of the woman. Apparel companies are terrible at making clothing for women- so it makes it impossible to require a logo for all female employees. Men are easier, but not by much. Plus- just requiring a logo'd shirt doesnt make you look professional. Two guys could be wearing the same shirt and look totally different. How do you make their pants, shoes and grooming look professional too? You cant require that... so regardless of what is required, theres areas you cant control.
Dustin Lyons
I always suggest dressing for your brand and customer. Under dressing at higher end dealerships can effect the customers experience, typically higher end brands have customers who may expect a certain level of professional dress. Overdressing at more mainstream brands can cause customers to possibly feel intimidated. So to answer the question, yes Ron I do think it can impact the customer experience.
Lauren Moses
It definitely has alot to do with the customer experience. We have a more laid back dealership, but we are also in a smaller town. Having the men in suits and ties and us ladies in business suits just wouldn't really be suitable for our area. We wear bluejeans on fridays, except the owner and GM, they wear them every day but are always dressed very nice. I like dressing up a little more so I will try to wear a dress atleast once a week. Though it's easier in the winter months cause I love my tights and boots as most of us ladies do.
Robert Karbaum
I've become a big fan of the sweater as of late. Instead of a suit jacket, a nice shirt / tie / sweater combo can work wonders. Also breaks up your repertoire and gives your suits a little break. Plus, it can look quite classy is done well. Also, in the last year the men's style game has been raised a few notches. It is now necessary to ensure your socks and shoes match the rest of your ensemble. Simple black socks no longer cut-it anymore.
Randi DeSantis
^^I agree on the mens style statement. Men REALLY need to step up their game, and there are a few still rocking their iron free pleated dockers. That's what I mean when I say you cant control certain aspects- I can order them the best looking logo shirt in the catalog, but if they wear it with some crappy looking ill-fitting pants- what does it matter?

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