Drive by's & Walk-in's

Ron Henson
Does your dealership have an effective way to source walk-in customers? Is your sales team reluctant to report source a customer to a digital source because they will lose a half or whole deal?
Chris K Leslie
This a real interesting question. I think it's tough to source floor traffic for 2 reasons. 1 being the sales person trying to rush or forgets to ask. The 2nd being that most people when put on the spot will reference the first thing that comes to mind. I think your best bet is trying to offer a small number of various mediums and leaving it at that. We do that by limiting the sourcing options for fresh ups.
mark rask
Is tough but we try,Hard to get the desk guys to enforce
Robert Karbaum
I would love a solution where the customer is allowed to select ALL the sources that brought them into the store. Like a touch screen, where they select all the different sources. Could be a real easy and effective solution.
Aaron Wyse
Most of the digital marketing we do, we try to encourage the customer to specify that they saw it online.. The salespeople do not lose any of their deal, they are allowed to work Internet Customers.
Lezlie Brannan
We try, try, try! I even renamed some of our sources in the CRM. Drive By became Drive By (Really??), and I added one called Don't Know/Didn't Ask, so at least they could be honest and not pick something at random. We also do a survey for sold customers and give them the option to choose multiple research sites.

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