E Leads CRM Whats your opinion? Good or Bad

Steve Simon
I would like to know your thoughts on a CRM called E-leads. Has anyone used this and How does it compare to the other CRM's
Robert Bader
I would say do a quick search of the forums and you will easily find a substantial amount of posts on the topic. Everyone will have a differing opinion on the issue. It all depends on what your needs are. Eleads has a great UI and is very intuitive to use - in my opinion. But for every person that loves a particular CRM you'll find another that hates it.
Shaun Weissman
We looked into that CRM but ultimately went with UDC Momentum. Momentum has the best CRM out there for a great price. The way it integrates with Auto Alert, ADP, The Next Up and more makes it a seamless tool.
Brad Maslowski
We are looking into CRMs right now, Dealer Socket, Rey Rey's Contact Management, and E-Leads CRM. I was very impressed in E-Lead CRM. We have not pulled the trigger on one yet, bet E-Leads is in first place.
Shaun Weissman
Brad before you make the decision give UDC a call and check out their momentum software. You will not be disappointed.
Eric Eichelberger
E-lead is the best CRM that we have found. The ability to customize is great, the reporting is very solid, and the mobile platform is very strong. Every CRM has its flaws, but in my opinion, E-lead is the way to go.

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