E-leads CRM intergration

Steve Simon
I'm looking at either Century Interactive or Callsource to integrate with e-leads crm. Does anyone have any experience with either? Thank you
Grant Gooley
Ive heard very good things about Century Interactive but have not used either or... Id be curious to know feedback as well.
James Witson
We currently use both eLeads and Century Interactive. Century Interactive recently updated their entire back-end tool(s) and it's really quite impressive, but this is coming from someone who hasn't seen the competition. It can alert you when a call gets dropped, an appointment is set, along with another 10-12 options you can mix and match. The integration with eLeads is pretty simple with click-to-call capabilities i.e. clicking the phone number in eLeads will allow them to choose the desk phone or their cell phone which will then ring. They pick it up and it begins calling the customer. At the end of the call it will automatically log the call into eLeads with quick links to the recording.
mark rask
Not used either
Jennifer Briggs
The integration of either product should be simple, your E Lead rep should be able to help you set up your DID's in user Admin. The telephony integration in ELead is nice - I recently moved all my stores to Century Interactive after testing 3 stores for a couple months. We were prior Call Source customers - their product is fine for Call tracking. Century Interactive is so much more. I say Century Interactive, all the way.
Grant Gooley
Great feedback Jennifer and James! Thank you :)

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