Employee Consequences

James Fibraio
One area where most managers struggle is deciding good consequences for an employee, particularly salesman, that does not do the processes you have in place. What would you suggest as a good punishment for any of the following: Missing Paperwork No demo ride No follow up Not a prompt greeting Coming in late And any other failures you could include
Jared Hamilton
This is actually a pretty tough question because I dont think punishments are the best way to manage or lead, but I hear what you are saying... you do have to have something in place. Its a super tough balance and the reality of being a manager. We always had a rule that if you were late to a meeting, even by 10 seconds (the clock on the wall in the meeting room was the determiner) than the offending person had to by bagles or lunch for the entire team. That being said the best "punishment" is a sit down, immediately as the infraction happens, to explain why we do things the way we do them, how to do them right and the results from doing them write. Warn and train them a couple times, once they get it and continue to break the process give the deal to others. (they dont deserve the deal if they wont follow the process). Ultimately if they do not follow you, after being taught and coached a few times. They dont belong on the team and need to be let go. Be firm and treat everyone equal and they will follow. Good luck. - Does that help?
Arnold Tijerina
I agree with Jared. If they don't respect your rules, they shouldn't be on your team. That being said, when I was in retail sales, one of the things that I would have considered the "worst" punishment was a disqualification for any weekend spiffs that might exist for the upcoming weekend. If your dealership does NOT have spiffs, I would create some if only to have a punishment to give. Everyone likes that extra little pocket cash whether we're talking about $20 or $100. Another punishment that would be a 'real' punishment was taking away the privilege of phone pops. Salespeople love those phone calls. Of course you have to balance the punishment with the crime but if you have to punish someone, hit them where it hurts.. their wallet. Whether that means they have to buy bagels or they can't take phone pops, it will certainly get a salesperson's attention.
Dave Erickson
I have a feeling if a guy comes in late, doesn't greet people, never follows up with people, doesn't take people on test drives, and when he somehow gets a deal doesn't both doing all the paperwork isn't going to be impacted by any financial penalty because he isn't going to make any sales anyway. Then again, if he is making sales, perhaps such a creature ought to be studied instead of penalized. At the very least used as a back up to the Des Equis 'Most Interesting Man in the World' beer commercial guy who's blood even smells like cologne, who can forget stamps yet the mail still gets there, who has charisma you can see from space..
Arnold Tijerina
Dave I don't think James is saying one person is doing all of those things. I think he was just providing examples of things that happen and what would be appropriate punishment for breaking those rules as examples.
Dave Erickson
Oh! I think you're right. For some reason I thought it was one guy breaking all the rules.

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