Employee Handbooks / Sexual Harrassment / Yearly Performance Reports for Employees

Steve Devereaux
Has anyone had any issues with sexual harassment? If so please share your story. It seems to be the biggest issue with employee lawsuits. We are planning on getting our employee handbook updated in the following months. Has anyone done it recently? What about vendors that do it? We plan on using our payroll company (Paychex) since we are already with them and they do offer programs as well that we are considering. One of the programs that they offer is a employee performance program, where you can sit down with each employee once a year and review their performance over the year. Does anyone work at a dealership that uses a program like this? Do you think it's effective? Please elaborate as much as possible if you can. Thanks!
Jared Hamilton
Steve, We had some DVD training that all employees had to watch and sign that they took the tests and were in the class so we had a record that every employee went through the training. Now, NADA University has we based classes and its pretty awesome. You get usernames and passwords for all of your employees that come through the store. Each employee is assigned a job curriculum with classes such as the sexual harassment tract, then there are tests to judge retention. Plus you get full reporting on views and test etc. We created the Digital Marketing Curriculum for NADA so Im familiar with the platform and its pretty sweet. Call Jim Apistolas at 866-557-6232 or email nadauniversity@nada.org, he will get you access to a demo account. For a employee performance program for reviews I have used eLeaderTech - Executing the standards. We used it for monthly and yearly performance reviews and everyone had their pay plans tied to it. The system works essentially like this: 1. Each employee gets a clear job description, and then we break out the metrics they will be judged by (scorecard... more on this later) Essentially each employee had about 10 metrics they would be judged by. 2. You define for each employee the activities that lead to results, those then become daily/weekly and monthly tasks. 3. At the end of each month the employees are scored on a 1-10 scale for each of their metrics. This way everyone always knew where they stood, 7-10 was excellent performance. 4-7 was acceptable performance 4 or less was a problem. For any metric they scored lower than a 4, the system prompts a problem solving worksheet, where the the leader and employee commit to steps to resolve the problem. The system then sends reminders and tracks the progress of the activities and the results that the employee creates. It was a fantastic system, easy to use, but kept everyone on the same page with monthly and annual performance reviews. Plus employees always knew what they would be graded on and how they can improve their numbers. The website for the tool is here. Ask for David Ibarra, he is the CEO, I know him well. Tell him I sent you and he will give you a demo of the system. http://www.eleadertech.com/#.html Let me know if you have any other question.

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