Empowered Sales Consultants?

Duane Lephart
Ron, I personally feel that Sales Professional's should be able to handle there negotiations through the whole process, until the TO point of no return. We don't give enough credit and control to our Sales Professional's. The customer easily recognizes that our pencil back and forth ritual is just the Sales Professional being the mule team delivery bearer. The Sale's Professional has been with the client from the meet and greet, and they know better than anyone else, how the tempo of the deal is going. Now there are exceptions to the rule, someone who is new to the Auto negotiation process, and new to our business will take some time to fully understand what we do in the negotiation process. But seasoned Sales Professional's know what will work and what will fail. And if we adopt the VALUE Building process being handled at the Sales Professionals level, we win both front and back end on our deal's to those who are rewarding with a compensation plan that gives them a high incentive to hold gross, and build VALUE to do so. You and I cannot really spend enough quality time with all customer's on a heavily busy sales floor. And for those reasons I think we should be the very very last resort in the process, unless your dealership is willing to have a Sales Management team that work's directly on the floor as a team philosophy effort. You don't have to sell out and give up total control of the process, but it gives your dealership a new fresh look and appeal to your new customer's who experience the buying process from a new feel, much different from what there used to. We must continue to evolve and grow, and I feel this option and building VALUE from the meet and greet, gives you a significant advantage over our competition.
Evan Leppert
Duane, Great response! I have to agree Sales Professionals need to be exactly that, sales professionals. We all know that clients have a distaste for the back and forth "Let me talk to my manager". You couldn't say VALUE enough!, building value in yourself and your dealership is what separates one from the competition. With all the internet research most clients already know the vehicle and are generally ready to purchase, they just need the right SERVICE, TREATMENT, and final questions to be resolved. I like a ONE TO system, once the sales professional turns over to a manager, the manager should close the deal or give a proper exit. Eliminate the part clients hate, back and forth (which I also feels loses trust). Experience shows the sales professionals that spend the most time and work their own the deals the hardest , maintain a higher gross because there clients see VALUE in great service. PS: Great board! I am enjoying the professional forums and love to see all the great ideas on how I can better myself and take even better care of my clients.
Curt Kelley
If you have a "Sales Professional", I agree. The "Sales Professional" knows what service, treatment and the customer experience are all worth.

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