Empowered Sales Consultants?

Ron Henson
Should sales associates be empowered to negotiate without touching the desk? If yes, why? If no, why not?
Robert Karbaum
I think there is plenty of evidence that shows touching desk = higher profit.
Mark Dubis
If the sales person has been with the dealership for over two years and has maintained an average gross profit of XXX per sale (determined by dealership) during the last 12 months then they should be empowered to work their deal without touching the tower. You want to insure you empower the right people with the right skills to keep the "house" and the customer happy.
DJ Snyder
The desk = higher profit because of inadequate training and accountability from the top down. If I'm not mistaken the research shows that our clients disapprove of the back and forth. I think it's time that the New Car Manager and GSM roles evolve from and start empowering their clients advisers and other staff around them. Great things can only come from empowered employee's that are well trained and place not only value in their position within the organization but feel apart of the organization. Just my 2cents.
Mark Dubis
Sheri in your posting you bring up a host of separate issues that all relate to how we are in the mess we are in when it comes to auto sales, the process and the customer perception. Lets recap what you covered: 1. Manufacturer pricing is inconsistent, reactive, and tells the public "don't buy until we put a big discount" on the vehicle you want. 2. We show the invoice ..... WHY? Transparency does not mean showing the invoice and does not mean taking a mini deal on any transaction. If your manufacturer is showing invoice pricing to the public maybe you need to have a discussion with your attorneys and look into that matter. 3. Does your dealership include pricing or payments in all your ads? WHY? Oh yeh, because everyone else does. When is the last time you saw a TV ad for the iPad that told viewers the cost of an iPad? When did you ever see a price in a magazine ad for a Rolex or a Ralph Lauren suit? When have you seen a magazine ad for Jim Beam whiskey that included the price of the whiskey? NEVER. When you start promoting your brand,its value, and long term benefits then people will pay a better price for your products. 4. Something is worth only what people will pay for it. iPads outsell android tablets because people want an ipad and pay a premium for it. If you want different results then start thinking and acting differently. You have trained your customers to be the way they are, so live with it or retrain them. I'd be happy to speak with you on how to do just that if you really want different results
Ron Henson
A word of caution ~ @Sheri, You mentioned that every dealer in your zone has agreed to a set price on all LT Silverados. That is coming awful close to collusion.

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