Everyone is talking digital strategy, what is your mobile strategy?

One aspect I believe will be video texting. The ability to text perhaps a video of car, service department ,OR introducing your dealership or salesperson. Of course your site and or ads need to be optimized for mobile. What are you guys doing now?
Darren Colby
We shifted our business focus to nothing but mobile. We saw very little lift from direct marketing and advertising. So we built our company called Jubaloo. We are able to target and set up 30 to sometimes 50 leads a day all from private sellers motivated to sell their vehicles. The ROI is easily measurable. I asked in another forum how dealers are determining the ROI they are getting on TV, radio, and newspapers and have not heard anything yet. Seems to me like that is a wishful strategy now. We have a 98% open rate and I know it is getting to the right people.
Open rate? Leads? Same ole story.. How many people SELLING/BUYING?
so I was on point with the texting.. looks like that is what u do
i like the engagment
Darren Colby
If I told you I was buying 50 cars a month at my dealership in Phoenix would you believe me? I have one person dedicated to this, and we are just scraping the surface. My focus has been on refining the product, and helping it grow outside of my market.

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