Facebook, A Good Way to Judge a Job Candidate?

Shellie Pierce
For the last few years we've heard over and over that Facebook can kill your chances for a job because of questionable photos or posts. A recent article in the Chicago Tribune says that it can actually do the OPPOSITE as well, which is very interesting to me. According to the article, "Those can certainly be stumbling blocks. But new research, released exclusively to "I Just Work Here," shows that a quick review of a Facebook profile can actually provide a better prediction of job success than standardized tests used for years by human resources departments around the world." What do you think? http://piercemarketing.com/our-team-2/blog/
Lindsey Auguste
I think Facebook is just as reliable as any resume supplement. It adds to the picture of the candidate just as their references and outline of work experience. I couldn't say that it's a sneak peek into who they really are any more so than other parts of their portfolio. Of course, it's one unique way to discover some glaring red flags, but as with all resume building, some people are really good at it and present a glowing picture. This could be both good and bad. Others might be really bad at it and not able to display their personality, skills, or interactions well, which could conceal an excellent candidate. Plus many people now have personal Facebook profiles and "work" profiles, so it's getting increasingly harder to tell.
Chris Costner
I think it is a great idea. Not only from Facebook but any other social platform or blog. It is a great way to get a feel for a candidates character as well as potential. You will find both good and bad no doubt. Granted there are those who question the "ethics" in this practice but our "digital footprints" are only going to become even more visible as the days go by and they last for a very long time. Great post Shellie.
Amy Van Gerven
Interesting article thanks so much for sharing the link! I find there is just so much negativity towards facebook and profiles that it was refreshing to read a new perspective!

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