Facebook page for sales consultants

Mike Kerouac
Does anyone have any knowledge or experience regarding sales consultants having their own facebook page to discuss and promote: 1. The dealerships inventory and prices on their page. 2. Promoting themselves to drive business to them and the dealership on their page. 3. Listing some of the dealerships current specials on their page 4. Showing photos of recent customers on their page. My question is this...is the dealership responsible for content shared in their name on a sales consultants page?
Lauren Moses
I know quite a few sales reps that have not just their own facebook pages but also their own websites. They purchase their own promotional items, etc. I don't believe the dealership is help responsible since the page is considered a business page. The ones that I know market themselves as a business. If and When they move dealerships they still have their personal brand intact. For most of the ones I know they do pretty well with it.
Shawn Ryder
Lauren - quick question (or opinion) on the personal web sites... i think they are great and help all around. But should a contact be entered into the personal site - does that contact belong to the individual or the dealership? Again, just looking for opinions.
Mike Kerouac
I understand that the problem with employees adding posts about their dealership on their personal pages is that the dealership is still responsible for content shared in their name. Also the dealer has no control of their posts.
Mark Miller
Shawn, you bring up a good point, who owns the lead. In my opinion, that is is tricky. I look at it as, how did that lead find the sales persons website. If they knew or followed the rep from dealer to dealer or was referred to that rep, there is an argument that the lead is the persons. If the lead was driven to the sales representatives site from the dealers site, hands down it belongs to the dealership. I don't think there is an easy solution to the question.
Missy Reid
All this should be addressed in a customized social media policy that meets your needs. Generic policies fall short, even those provided by HR companies that serve the automotive industry. Such policies play it safe. They're written by lawyers and approved by NLRB, but they're extremely restrictive. Employee ambassadors are effective, but the system we've accepted doesn't embrace them.

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