Favorite or creative spiff ideas

Dustin Lyons
So what is your favorite spiff? What has proven to be effective in either having your sales guys drive more business or close more deals or make more gross etc? Would also be interested to hear any creative or outside the box spiff ideas that you have tried that have been beneficial.
Robert Karbaum
I am not a fan of spiffs, at all. The concept of paying someone extra to do their job makes no sense to me. However, there can be positive benefits to spiffing a team. Steak n Beans for example. Where if the team succeeds, the team gets a reward. This fosters positive teamwork, camaraderie, and can increase employee satisfaction.
Shawn Ryder
I agree with Robert - in previous job worked with dealers that offered spiffs and sometimes the staff seemed more concerned about what they were getting out of the deal rather than what was best for the customer.
Lauren Moses
So I'm going to show my lack of knowledge here. I'm guessing that spiffs are just extra's thrown in on certain or all vehicles to make sure the salesman push those particular vehicles to get them sold? If that is the case or close to it, I can say I would agree with Robert and Shawn. To me it would cause the salesman to only see what they are getting out of it and not worry about the best thing for the customer. As far as ideas go though, If you have females as sale people then I would say a spa package, manicure and pedicure gift certificates, a nice dinner and a movie gift card. For males, I would say anything from sporting goods to gift certificates and tools.
Dustin Lyons
Ah you guys are no fun! Just kidding, I totally agree with your points about paying guys to do their job, some spiffs like $5 for a complete write up and so on are just silly, a true sales pro will do the job the right way every time. Most of the spiffs that we did were not things that would take away from customer service though, they would be things like if we hit a certain number for the weekend we would play blackjack and the cards we drew would be worth a certain amount etc... They helped generate a bit more enthusiasm for the weekend. We did a fun one were we got paid $10 to get in the trunk of a car during a presentation, and $20 if we were able to get the customer in the trunk. Very silly but it did create some fun and happy salespeople, and fun and happy sales people generally sell better. Probably my favorite spiff though was one that actually truly gave the dealership as a whole a big boost in gross for the weekend, that was the "eat the frog" spiff. The way it worked was that it would pay out on 1 new car deal and 1 used car deal, and the person with the highest front end gross over $3500 on new and $4500 on used would get a 50% commission on that deal. It was a great reminder about holding gross, we never let it cost us a car deal, but it is amazing how sometimes sales guys take little shortcuts and the path of least resistance to just get a deal and give away so much. This had everyone focusing on working a little harder to not just give everything away and those weekends overall usually had both more units and more gross on each deal.
Lauren Moses
Dustin, Thanks for the insight. I think this is actually a really neat idea. Though I would have to be careful with the getting in the trunk one, older people and trunks somehow doesn't mix well for me. I do think it can be a good thing especially if you keep it small so as to not persuade the salesman to push a sale or cheat the customer or dealership just to get a sale. I would think along the lines of the show "Impractical Jokers" to come up with ideas... You have to say a certain word so many times where others can hear you and get $1 for every time.

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