Financial Statement

Ron Henson
For all of you non DP's or GM's, are you allowed to see the financial statement once the month is closed? What are the important metrics you look at on the statement to better manager your departments?
Jesse Peterson
New Vehicle Gross % of Sales, Operating Profit for the Department (whichever one that is), Absorbtion Rate (really is important for all departments to know), policy adjustment (total number and % of departmental gross), Your GPV New + Used, and then your expense items-if you compensate on a % of gross or even if you don't you need to know as a manager what your sales commissions as a % of gross are. These are all line items I review with my managers monthly as I think that management can control them. If you are responsible for the advertising budget then that would be another one.
Clint Jones
When I was a CFO for a Dealer Group, I always shared all of the information that was controllable by the individual. I never showed anyone the actual Financial Statement because of the LACK of information on the actual statement. I used a customized DOC sheet that showed a lot more information than the Financial. I wanted more detail in the Advertising account than the Financial showed. As far as fixed expenses and such, I never saw a reason to show that to the department managers. I never felt that these items were controllable and I also never felt it was anyone's business how much rent the dealer chose to charge or how much salary they chose to take out of their store.
Mark Miller
As a department manager, I was shown only the amounts I could directly control which makes sense as those impacted my pay as well.
Tony Wood
As the eCommerce Director wearing multiple hats and covering multiple aspects of the store, I actually see none of the financials. I just hammer out performance and assume they'll let me know if there's a problem.

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