Find me a good radio ad agency!

Larry Schlagheck
BTW, just to make you feel comfortable that you're not sharing your stellar ad agency with a competitor, the dealer asking the question is in Connecticut.
Jim Soukup
Hi, I just saw this post and thought I'd assist your Connecticut dealer request with a tremendous opportunity for immediate and long term advertising success. I am Jim from Stream Companies, and our agency website is We are a multiple award winning full service advertising agency, combining superb creative and customer service for great results. This includes creating & tailoring a unique radio spot through approvals, production, media buys, plus any other advertising assistance that may needed. I would like to continue, but this best done one on one, plus know I am here, ready to expand upon and know I am headed to enjoy my favorite state of Connecticut very shortly. I look forward to furthering.
Hans Wagner
I don't have any experience of radio ad agencies but I knew one company, which deals in online marketing. You can check their web site for any further information.
Amy Hughes
Amanda Christian at Moore and Moore Advertising 205.988.4411; Also, Fitzpatrick out of Atlanta and Carerra out of Florida, DM me for a personal intro to any of these.
Eric Haubert
Finding an ad agency won’t be difficult. But finding a good one will be tough. You should do a small research before you finalize on an agent. Try to find an listen their previous radio commercials ( ) and find how good they are. Now a days a normal person hear a lot of radio commercials in a day, while at home,traveling, at office, at pubs and so on. They won’t even care to remember any if there is nothing unique or memorable in it. An ad agent must know that and their ads will deliver the message in the most enjoyable way. Listening to previous ads can help in determining the quality of an agent.

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