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Joe Perri

Hello everyone! 

Today I have a new topic of floorplan companies. At the moment I have strapped into a few (not so great) floorplans. Those being, Westlake Flooring, AFC, and Auto Use (the most flexible of the three). 

I am currently looking for new floorplanning for independent dealers. Currently, Nextgear and Floorplan Xpress are out of the question as I have had strange problems with them and would not like to sign back up with them. 

Could anyone recommend a decent floorplan company that will service Arizona (Carbucks only goes to Texas) :(

Any and all suggestions would be appreciated. 

Mark Rask

Sorry cant help you 

Amanda Gordon

Allright, check with Ally financial especial if you are already using them as a lender and Floor Plan Express. 

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