Ford Direct Leads and Refunds

Byron Womack
Am I the only person in the Automotive World having a hard time understanding Ford Directs Lead Policy? We get a lead from FD, its $15.00 and my job to prove to FD that it is not a good lead. Then we get into what constitutes as a bad lead to Ford Direct. Am I really this simple minded?
Erika Cooper
Hi Byron, No, you are not simple minded LOL. Lead returns/replacements can be a nigtmare on both sides. I think it's up to the Provider to outline in the begining what constitutes a "Bad Lead" Below is our policy on Bad Leads: Returns are accepted for the following reasons: Applicant states that they did not apply. Applicant has already purchased a vehicle. Applicant is no longer in the market to purchase. Applicant applied for a loan other than an automobile loan. Applicant cannot be contacted at the phone number provided. Applicant is below minimum age or income requirements. Lead was duplicate received from another Lead Source. I think a good way to iron out the kinks, is before signing up with a Lead provider have them go over or send you their Bad Lead Policy. Let me know if you would like more information on our Int Leads geared toward secondary. I am positive we can get you a cheaper cost per lead and a more liberal return policy. Good Luck! Erika Cooper 800-999-3115 xt 103
Joe Kaczmarek
Bryon, Thank you for bringing to our attention your question regarding lead credits. I will be reaching out to make sure you have all the information regarding our lead credit policy with a goal of ensuring you are completely satisfied. Thanks again for bring this to our attention, Joe Kaczmarek FordDirect
Steve Devereaux
We just dropped GM's version of their lead providers. They started the "It's not a bad lead unless it's no contact information or if it's a duplicate". We only had 2 responses from 30 leads a month... really not worth the $400+ a month in my opinion. Also, the billing for GM's version is very screwed up. You never know what you are being billed for. They just charge your open account.
Jared Hamilton
Yikes - doesn't sound too good Steve. At least you have a choice in the matter. Kudos to you for watching it. On another note, you may want to check if your dealership IP is black listed causing your dealership lead responses to be blocked in spam filters. When we teach at NADA's Dealer Academy we look at this and generally find that 1/4 of the dealerships are getting black listed in some form. This will cause your lead responses to not be received by the customer and thus results in a HUGE drop in customer responses back to you. Getting only 2 responses back from customers out of 30 leads is a pretty low ratio for any lead provider, you just want to make sure there isnt anything else at play here too.
Steve Devereaux
@ Jared - That's pretty interesting. I would think that I would have caught it in some way if we were being black listed. I haven't seen any signs of it. I think the GM 3rd Party leads are pretty week... Not as weak as GM Handraisers... but pretty week all together. Is there an easy way to check your IP to see if it's blacklisted?

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