Friction Points

Ron Henson
What do you see as the biggest friction point in the sales process from a customer's perspective?
mark rask
the transition from being an internet customer to when they walk in
Tammy Anthony Baker
The uncertainty or fear of making a poor acquisition. No one wants to be embarrassed, angered, or regretful of a long term purchasing decision.
Roger Hsieh
As described by earlier posters, there are different friction points for different folks (demographics, credit rating, ...) For me personally, it is the speed and efficiency of the process. I have a young kids, a day job, so I want to make every minute spent in the process useful. Lowest price isn't the primary driver for me. Drivers for me are a relatively good price and dealer that respects my time. Areas that cause friction for me: - not getting prompt answers to my questions during business hours for things like pricing and inventory availability - waiting for salesperson availability - waiting for F&I - waiting for vehicle to be prepped (e.g. I leased an new EV once. The car was delivered to me with less than 5 mi range. I had to wait an additional hr for it to charge to drive it home.) - being given F&I options only when I get to the F&I office. I really wish I could see these options in advance. I won't buy anything I don't have time to consider the actual value to me Attributes I like: - Website that makes it easy to confirm dealer has the inventory I'm interested in - Online credit app so I can fill out the information at the comfort of my home computer, after I put my kids to bed in the evening where I have access to financial information needed for the app...instead of having to do it on a clipboard at the dealership - getting prompt replies from candidate dealers on pricing and availability - salesperson that has the cars I'm interested ready to show when I get to dealership - car prepped so it's ready by the time I sign the last document
Andrew Sierra
I think the biggest one is over coming the "salesmen" stigma . at my dealership we try to treat people with respect and we have a really low pressure sales tactic instead of trying to push something we try to fix the customers needs and wants. so far we have found that tactic really does help our sales numbers
Clint Jones
Not getting a direct answer, to a direct question, when the question is asked. "Sure folks, I would be happy to answer that for you...but before I do......." That would piss me off, and it would piss me off if my people did it.

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