General Managers

Ron Henson
What qualities and skill sets do the best GM's possess in your opinion?
Roger Conant
Sorry...just had to do this. Shameless self-promotion... A keen awareness of "where" the "rest" of the vehicles are sold! :-)
Brad Wise
Too many leaders of people have diminishing tendencies when dealing with team members . A good book is Multipliers by Liz Wiseman. Are you a diminisher or a multiplier ??
mark rask
great team building skills
Eric Savage
In the 'old days', an ideal GM was a hard charging, somewhat intimidating, "do it my way because I said so" kind of manager. Today, I am looking for a different breed of GM - one that is much harder to find. I need my GM's to have outstanding translation skills. Their number one job is to distill our mission, values and vision into action and execution. This ends up being far more important than selling cars, service and parts. In short, culture wins every time, and if the culture and mission are not aligned, I've got really big problems! A good translator keeps the culture and execution aligned with that mission. Furthermore, being an outstanding translator creates a high level of followership - not of the GM, but of the MISSION, which is critical for our long term success in the mission itself. It's interesting to me to see that the people I wanted as a GM 20 years ago... 10 years ago... Even just 5 years ago... Would all be the wrong GM for me today.
Ron Henson
@Eric, So, not surprisingly, I love your comments. A couple of observations: 1) Executing leadership to drive home the mission, values, and vision will most certainly result in followership (is that a word?) of the GM, even though that is not the goal. People thrive under that type of leadership and will often follow that type of leader into a battle, no questions asked. Having a GM, or any leader really, that instills that type of attitude in a team is certainly a good thing because they steer the ship toward the horizon and then assist their team in accomplishing amazing things, which ultimately translates in the mission having a much deeper meaning for the team as a whole. And a wonderful by-product of this whole eco-system is that the mission can then be felt by the guests who visit your business. Win-win! In fact, I wrote an article about this very topic for DealerExec magazine back in January. :-)

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