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Heather Bryan
I have a unique concept that I am interested in pursuing in the automotive market so I am reaching out to experts in the field for some advise and possible partnership. I am an established vendor in the golf market and have been for the past 15 year. Jupiter Sports supplies high quality metal and leather accessories with the added value of giving an engraving system to our customers to personalize the products on site. We have over 300 engravers in the golf market with over 700 customers. I am interested in giving dealerships the Jupiter Sports Engraving System so they can personalize their promo key chains, staff name badges and other marketing items we supply. I think about this scenario: You are standing in a dealership deciding what to do when the sales person says "While you're making your decision, let's go make you a complimentary personalized key chain as a thank you for thinking of us." This gives an additional 5-10 minutes of sales talk and chatter before the buyer says "Ok let's go do the paperwork." Cost spent: $4.50 I do believe I am sitting on a great and unique idea with budgets to fit all types of dealers. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this as well. Thanks for your time and suggestions on how best to get this going. Heather Bryan Jupiter Sports
Steve Tuschen
I think it has a lot of potential in a dealership setting, I think the high line stores especially who may give items for storage in a trunk, if you were able to do the embroidery on the fabric for them. If you could become an OEM approved vendor where you could fund the cost, such as you can now with GM and other brands for promotional items would really be helpful. Best of luck on expanding your endeavor. Your wine holders alone I think you could sell anywhere, especially in the wine shops and wineries themselves if they could imprint their logo or be able to customize as wineo's would be big into that as well.
mark rask
lots of potential.....I agree with Steve that oem stuff should come in to play here.

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