GM Dealers thoughts on 2016 SFE Program

Lance Knopp
I am still up in the air but so far I am not so crazy about the new 2016 SFE program for the dealerships. I think it has too many moving parts...What is everyone else's thoughts?
Chris K Leslie
I'm not a huge fan of the DSA login stuff. I think thats going to be really tough to manage from a GM stand point. I mean what if someone is on vacation for a month deep inside south america with zero cell signal and no wifi. We aren't going to give that guy his SFE money? What if the servers go down at the end of the month because all of the GM employees are trying to login 5 days in a row and people cant logon to it. I have a feeling It's gonna be a turd and it should just go lay in the yard. Everything else is cool. I would rather have the Rep Man stuff take place of the csi. Because it's easier to get people to do stuff online these days anyways. Plus if the defaults are set in our favor that means even more good fortune.
mark rask
Chris is right....has anyone heard if the bdc assessment will stay the same?
Bob Hensley
Mark, the BDC assessment is still a walk in the park if you were doing well in 2015. Most of the categories have actually been streamlined. You can tell GM's end game is the service BDC, though. While no money is associated with that half still, it's getting more and more rigorous.

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