Shawn Vieira
I feel I have done a good job with SEO and SEM and that google has recognized that fact. When I do a search for my store name and city I do come up first as expected and I control 8 of the 10 other sites listed on the first page of google. Most of the ways that you can search for my dealership will land at least one of my pages on the first page of google. The question that I have is, "If you can't get a certain keyword phrase to rank on the first page without a tremondous amount of effort and upkeep, would you rather rank above the fold on page two or continue to fight to maintain page ranking below the fold on page one?" Is there that much of a difference between ranking last on page one or top of the page on page 2?
Eric Miltsch
Shawn, The goal for organic listings should always be to rank #1. 1st position organic listings can command anywhere from 40-50% of the total clicks on the page. An organic listing in the 2nd or 3rd position can get up to 35% less clicks than the 1st position. Being #1 on page 2 can result in up to 90% less clicks. The key is finding KW phrases, other than your dealership name, that you have a realistic chance of ranking on page 1 while also getting the clicks desired. Anyone can rank for non-competitive phrases and/or KW's that get less than 20 searches/mo. Lastly, always be sure some kind of tracking method is being used to monitor the positions, clicks & conversion.
Joey Abna
Also check out your webmaster tools if you have that set up and have access to it. Under the "Your Site on the Web" link choose "Search Queries" and see if the keyword phrase you are working on is listed. It will show you the number of queries for the phrase that you had impressions for, number of clicks you received and your avg search ranking. Eric's comments about where you are listed and the click through information is pertinent. Also, let me give you an example of where you rank for a keyword effects clicks. I have a personal site that used to rank #1 for my main keyword. It averaged 15,000 impressions a month. I only got a 28% click through probably because Amazon was #2 and Consumer Reports was #3. Today the site's average search position is 13 and the impressions have fallen to only 700. My click through rate has plummeted to 3%. My point is if the search volume is there try your best to get your rankings up. My site still ranks in the top three for a few other phrases but all of those phrases combined don't draw as much traffic as the main keyword that I used to rank #1 for.
Shawn Vieira
All of my main keywords phrases that I want to show up on google page one do. It is one like (Brand State)where the comp. is high that I am having a more dificult time. I am #1 on page two and figure I can get on page one but below the fold. I would love to be 1 on 1. When I first started trying to raise it I was on page 4 below the fold. So it is an improvement.
Mike Hastings
In my mind SEO is the job of your website provider, unless this is your only responsibility. I know of no dealers that have an SEO specialist on their payroll, so you are one of few. We use TKCarsites and rank 1st for every term I can think of, by managing the process, not the time consuming SEO work itself. This allows me to make a much greater contribution to the organization as a whole than only and specifically Google ranking

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