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robert young
I just returned from a class on internet, and google analytics was a topic. What kind of reports are guys using to monitor the internet/bdc on google anlytics in addition to bounces and exits??? I know staying on top of bounces and exits is important but what else should i expect in a report from my bdc???
Eric Miltsch
Robert - great question: The standard metrics you should watching & include in your master dashboard are, at least: Total visits Unique visits Time on site Average pages viewed per visit Bounce Rate Demographics (location) Traffic sources And most importantly: Conversion Rate I recommend getting a firm handle on this data - then progressively add more items to your mix. (The key is not to add more simply for the sake of adding - add them to help you make improvements to the areas you can control) Within your left-hand sidebar of analytics - explore these ares as well: Audience section - watch the items in the Social sub-menu, Mobile and Visitors Flow. Advertising section - integrate any Adwords campaigns for one-stop reporting. Traffic Sources section - each category is helpful; be sure to integrate your Google Webmaster Tools account data for extra info as well. Content section- Site Content categories help you see where the activity is happening. Over time you'll be begin to understand everything about where your site visitors come from, how they find you & what they're doing once they arrive - while figuring out why they're leaving. Hope that helps!
robert young
That was awesome, thanks for info. What a great website.
Russ Chandler
Spot on Eric! Especially on the traffic section and integrating Google Webmaster tools, extremely valuable once you get use to things.
Jim Bell
Eric hit it on the head as well as Russ. I am in webmaster tools almost as much as analytics. Make sure that you set up goals within analytics so you can track your site more effectively and what is and isn't working.

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